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Craig McPartlin
President, Ext. 22

Ron Behrmann
Founder, Ext. 14

Jeremy Pokorny
Carpentry, Siding & Foundation Estimator, Extension 20

Sandy Nichols
Office Manager, Ext. 12

Jennifer Sumner
Accounts Receivable, Ext. 15


crane service

Con-Tech Crane has 6-30 ton cranes for all residential and light commercial lifting needs.


Con-Tech Carpentry furnishes Rough and Finish Carpentry, installs vinyl siding, soffit, fascia and concrete siding.


Con-Tech Foundations pours residential concrete footings and foundations using all wood Advanced forms.


Con-Tech Insulation specializes in fiberglass batts, cellulose wallspray, closed and open cell foam, Bibs and Ultra-Fit fiberglass systems for residential and commercial applications. Con-Tech also installs closet systems, shower doors and custom mirrors.

For bidding information contact the following:

Jeremy Pokorny
Carpentry, Foundation & Siding
636-938-4748 Extension 20

Harry Henson

Willy Fischer
Crane scheduling

Linda Fischer
Crane lien waivers and insurance info