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Craig McPartlin
President, Ext. 22

Ron Behrmann
Founder, Ext. 14

Jeremy Pokorny
Carpentry, Siding & Foundation Estimator, Extension 20

Sandy Nichols
Office Manager, Ext. 12

Jennifer Sumner
Accounts Receivable, Ext. 15


Con-Tech Insulation specializes in fiberglass batts, cellulose wallspray, closed and open cell foam, Bibs and Ultra-Fit fiberglass systems for residential and commercial applications. Con-Tech also installs closet systems, shower doors and custom mirrors.
Benefits of insulation
Less money going to utilities = more money for those other things you want. Insulation saves you money by keeping the heated or cooled air where you want it – inside your house. Like a blanket over your home, nothing gets in, nothing gets out.
We use insulation exclusively from Guardian Building Products, one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass insulation products.

What to expect from us
We started our business to improve the customer service standards in the insulation industry, so when you contact us, you can expect us to listen to your needs, communicate our plans clearly and openly, and always meet our deadlines. Here’s our process:


You call us with your energy saving concerns and we set up a convenient time to meet.

At no cost to you we assess your needs and determine the cost for the job. All we need is access to your home or jobsite and a few minutes of your time.

We sit down together with the project bid and our job plan.

We provide a complete explanation of what you can expect and answer any questions you may have.


We are in and out as quickly as possible. Depending on the size and complexity, it takes us about 1-4 hours to retro fit an attic in an already existing home or business, and 1 day-2 weeks to insulate a newly constructed house or building.


You have our guarantee that we will always clean up after ourselves, you won’t find any stray fiberglass in your home.

At a construction site, most insulators leave their trash in the construction dumpster. Not us. Any trash we create at the site, we take care of ourselves.

We also recycle.


Harry Henson - 314-581-1493

Darryl Henson - 314-607-7531

Dan Miller - 636-584-3383

Brian Akers - 636-649-9760